Vince Burton Photography

This gallery is dedicated to a local Barn owl which I have had the pleasure of photographing for the past three years.

I first saw her on a neighboring field in October. I noticed she was wearing a leg ring and I set about obtaining the details to send to BTO. They informed me she had been ringed in the nest in July, in Essex and had traveled 79km to be with me in Norfolk.

I have kept the BTO updated with her activity, providing vital data on the habitat and breeding patterns, to assist with conservation efforts. Despite the years of watching her, I have yet to photograph her during daylight, she always appears just after dusk.

I have not seen her now for a few months, but am now visited by a young Barn owl, which I believe to be one of her offspring from this spring. It is not uncommon for her to disappear for a while when food is plentiful or they hunt outside their usual territory.

Hopefully I shall see her again, just to know she is ok.
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