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Book - 365 Days in Nature


'365 Days in Nature' is a journey through nature's calendar, featuring a stunning wildlife image to represent each day of the year.

For the wildlife and nature lover, it suggests some of the best locations to visit and different times of the year to witness a variety of behaviour.

For photographers, it gives advice and ideas, including the camera settings used to achieve every image.

Copies of the book can be ordered from the publisher's website, Amazon or other good bookshops.

Book of the Month

Here are a few of the comments made from the book's review by Wild Planet Photo Magazine when they made it their book of the month.

"The variety of species showcased in the book is a wonderful representation of the wildlife one can expect to find in Britain..."

"Some of the information given is just plain fascinating..."

"The photography is outstanding, using a variety of styles, and each page is dominated by the photo while text is kept to a minimum..."

"The author is great at encouraging the reader to experiment with their photography and reminds us that every rule is made to be broken!"

Other reviews

The following are a few of the reviews that can be seen on Amazon.

"A wonderfully captured meander through some of the UK's best wildlife, with some great action shots, explanations around the animals, their habitat and how the picture was taken to keep you informed throughout.

Originally bought the book for myself after a recommendation, but have just finished going through the whole thing with my 10 year old daughter (her favourites are the foxes) who loved it too." Jonny, UK

"A really stunning collection of beautiful and unusual photographs showing British wildlife in all its glory. Extra notes detailing the lenses used etc. make it the perfect gift for budding amateur photographers but surely everyone will benefit from the time they'll spend browsing this lovely book." Binxyman, UK

"Author has set out to achieve an ambitious target and my goodness he has succeeded." F.J. Sheppard, UK

"I thought I could look at a page every day but once I sat down with this book page 365 just appeared. There is not a picture you can’t appreciate and in all honesty, as much as I enjoyed it, I was left a little envious of the author who must love his work.

My grandchildren now want to go out and find every animal page by page, thank heavens I have squirrels in my garden." PG, UK

My favourite question received

"Does the book contain any snakes in it please? I am thinking of buying your book for a Christmas present for a friend, but she has a phobia of snakes, or could these pages be removed?"

Below is a small sample of some of the images used in the book. Clicking on the image will reveal the text included for that day.