Vince Burton Photography


During my visit to Wales I spent several days at the well known 'Gigrin Farm'. This is a feeding station in Mid Wales where Red Kites are attracted by daily feedings.

As soon as the meat is put out, the Crow family start emerging from the surrounding trees. As the first Crows land amongst the meat the Kites go on the offensive. Kites watch and wait their chance to furl their wings and dive in, skimming the ground to snatch a scrap, before rising suddenly to escape the beaks of the angry Crows. Many Kites appear to miss their target by a wide margin, but they are actually intent on flushing meat laden Crows into the air, from where they can be mugged by the very best in the business!

With the meat clutched in its talons, the Kite will make for clear airspace where it can feel secure enough to feed. With its 1.8 metre wings spread out for stability, the head turns down to meet with its forward lifted legs. Now the Kite can feed, but must still keep an eye out for other marauding Kites.
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